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Lowongan kerjaan baru silahkan di lihat siapa tau cocok…

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Officer to join on board Tankers/ Bunker Ship’s with trading area UAE and

Master ………… ……… … hold ANT I / II CoC Lisence —–depend to
the GrT
Chief Officer….. ……… …. hold ANT I/ II CoC Lisence
2nd Officer….. ……… …… hold ANT II/III Coc Lisence Experinces
3rd Officer….. ……… …… hold ANT III Coc Lisence

Ch Engineer >>>>>> hold ATT I/ II CoC Lisence —-depend to the HP
2nd Engineer>>>> >> hold ATT II/III CoC Lisence
3rd Engineer>>>> > > hold ATT III CoC Lisence

* Having Tankers experiences
* Hold Genuine certification
* English must be…
* The salary negotiable. (Good salaries)


We need the following position regularly:
* Ch Officer
* 2nd Officer
* 3rd Officer
* 2nd Engineer
* 3rd Engineer
* 4th Engineer
* Bosun
* A/B
* O/S
* Deck Cadet
* Cook
* Messboy/ Asst. Cook
* Electrician
* Fitter
* Oiler
* Engine Cadet

Should you have an iterested to join with us, please send your CV’s/
Resume through E-mail / fax or visit the office every Monday up to Friday
10.00 – 18.00 WIB

Our full details address as stated below:

Jl. Kebon Bawang VII/ No. 21
Tg Priok Jakarta Utara 14230
Tel: (021) 4393 0637
Fax:(021) 4393 5341
E-mail: abm-image@centrin.; cn-image@centrin.

PIC: Mr. Armin Saleh

Head Office:
Lingga Darma Building,1st Floor Room: F
Jl. Raya Warung Buncit No. 17
Jakarta Selatan 12550
Tel: (021) 7800 167
Fax: (021) 7883 4339

  1. Dear Sir
    I interest to apply job as deck officer in bunker tanker
    And my particulars under below :
    Name : Willy
    Age : 32 years
    Sex : Male
    C o C : Deck officer class III issued 2004
    C o P : Bst,Aff,Scrb,Mfa,Mc,Rs,As,Goc,Gmdss,Tfc,Ot,Sso
    Previous experience as chief officer tanker 1900 gt as long as a year.
    Mobile: 081386677734.

    Best regards

  2. Any chance for a position of Chief Engineer (ATT-1), pls contact at 0811185207.

  3. I’m Adin Asda Wali
    I hold deck officer class III and others certificates consist of BST,SCRB,MEFA,ARPA,RADAR,AFF,TFC and OTSTP,GMDSS.
    I interest to join at your company and apply as third officer (3/O).
    My mobile number 0852 543 02227
    Email :
    I’ll be waiting your reply and thank you..

    I Interst to apply jobas cadet deck all ship
    and my particullar under below
    name: eriyanto
    age : 24
    sex : male
    previous experience im cadet deck tangker MT.GLOBAL MARINA .1600 GT. 1 YEAR .
    MOBILE :081384879970

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