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Vacancy Chief Officer for a small crew boat

In Tak Berkategori on Mei 13, 2009 at 10:21 pm

We are looking for Chief Officer for a small crew boat, with ANT IV or ANT V with Master endorsement, Contract 9 months
Trading area : singapore…Pls send complete resume via email : Put for the code : C/O – Crew Boat ( ANT IV/V).

  1. could I know how much salary and the contract.Iam sidik ant4 2007.certificate complete.2 years exprience in service boat with GRT.20.tonnage

  2. Pak, klo seperti saya yg baru ambil ANT V, sudah boleh apply gak? mo cari pengalaman. mohon info, thks.

  3. i’m deck officer Ant-3 & Ant-2(in progress).if u have information pls E-mail: thanks

  4. I am puad patoni ant 3 last experince in suplay vessel flag singapore if you hav info please your contak to me email

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