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Dibutuhkan Master Mariner (ANT 1)

In Tak Berkategori on Mei 13, 2009 at 10:14 pm

NSS is newly re-organized shipping arm of a group of companies having diversified businesses from coal mining owner’s concessions, coal mining operators, mining contractors, coal logistics transportations, palm oil plantations, properties and securities.

The group has total asset of more than USD 200 million and total revenue about USD 300 million based on the year of 2008 figures.

The history of the group is started since early 1990’s and grows into several of companies which some of them is have gained respectable position within their industries.

Master Mariner

• Male, max. 33 yr
• Have ANT-I Certification
• Min. 5 years experience
• Akademi Pelayaran graduates

General Requirement:

• Strong Motivation
• Able to work under pressure
• Good English both oral and written
• Good Communication and Interpersonal Skill • Computer literate

Please send your detail resume and expected salary before 26 May 2009 to:

Recruitment Division – Inquest Consulting Perkantoran Pulomas Satu, Gedung G2 Lt. 3 / R. 2 Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 2 Jakarta Timur


Email :


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