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Urgently needed small cargo crew

In Tak Berkategori on April 25, 2009 at 9:48 am

We are urgently looking for an experienced and English speaking :

1. Master ANT II salary USD 3000
2. Ch Engineer ATT II salary USD 3000
3. Chief Officer ANT II/III salary USD 2500
4. 2nd Engineer ATT II/III salary USD 2500
5. 2nd Officer ANT III salary USD 1200
All In.

Type of vessel : General Cargo
Trading : Foreign Trade
Gross Tonnage : 1972
Flag : Singapore
Length : 76.00 Metres
Breadth : 13.60 Metres
Engine : 6DKM-26 (CHINA)
BHP : 1 x 1618 KW

Working contract : 3 mths working with option of extend every month with no leave.
Present location of vessel : Batam, Indonesia under some repairs and documentation.

Salary will be adjusted (increase) once vessel back to trading.

Please provide us the following documents for the proposed crew.

01. Copy of CV
02. Copy of Passport
03. Copy of Seamen’s Book complete with previous sea time
04. Copy of Certificate of Competency and also Certificate of Endorsement
05. Copy of all STCW’95 certificates

Pls, Email yr cv to :
or contact 087883701901


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