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Urgently needed for fishing boat

In Tak Berkategori on April 24, 2009 at 8:21 pm

1.Number of Workers : 12

2.Job Category : Tuna Fishing

3.Job Description : Deckhand

4.Capacity : The Employee shall serve the Company as Deckhand onboard the longline fishing vessel Hapuku II, Claudarah, Papanui or any other vessel owned or operated by the Company.

5.Hours of Work : The Employee and the Company Agree that the Employee’s hours of work are to be averaged over a 12 month period and that the average hours per week will be 38 hours plus reasonable additional overtime.

6.Contract Period : The period of service shall be for two (2) years duration commencing from the date of departure, subject to a probationary period of three (3) months. Following the first period of service, the contract for employment may be extended by mutual agreement between the Company and Employee for a further two (2) year period.

Total Salary per Year $39,100 as of 1st August 2008

•Gross Salary per Month : $Au 3,258.33 ( gaji kotor)

•Tax Withheld Per Month : $Au 494.00

•Amount paid to account : $Au 2764.33

•Jumlah gaji perbulan : $Au 2764.33
Direct Debit ( dari jumlah diatas dipotong lagi )

•Food/Accom : $Au 866.00

•Health Insurance : $Au 87.85

•Total Direct Debit : $Au 953.85

Total amount paid in account per month : $Au 1810.48 ( Paid on 1st of each month in arrears /
jumlah ini yang akan diterimah setiap bulan )

Plus Superannuation ( tabungan karyawan) :

Each year we pay an extra $3519 into a government superannuation fund At the end of your time in Australia you can claim back this entire amount ( jumlah $Au 3519 / akan bisa diambil kalau sudah selesai contrak kerja ).

Contact Us :
021 98275637, 0878833 59608, 08567 195 983.
Jl. Cut Mutia I Blok B 18, Bekasi, West Java.


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