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Job for TB and LCT

In Tak Berkategori on April 23, 2009 at 6:51 pm

For all seafarer,

We have vacant jobs on TB and LCT for Second Engineer (ATT V) and (AB ANT D)
You are free to ask about job description, please send copy of Seaman´s book and your questions to email:

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Heri Purwantono

  1. my name elvaru,any other class IV???if need , please information for me at 081511422518

  2. dear sir,i hav experiences for crewboat n tugboat mlysia position AB i hav BST ANTD SCRB AFF PASPORT SEAMAN BOOK.please calme juswanto

  3. my name ufriyadi,any order class v/if need,please call me at 085231029515

  4. dear sir..
    i.m jony mangiri,i have licence class 3 and complite stcw sertificate but now i,m still joint with malta company in bahrain arab as captain on survey boat,finish contrac on midle of you can arrange job for tug boat or LCT for me please,

  5. Hello,,

    Saya minta tolong kalau di perusahaan anda ada lowongan di kapal posisi A/B, tolong hub saya +6281234335339. Saya siap jika swaktu2 untuk berngkat. Sebelumnya saya ucapkan terimakasih yg sebesar-besarnya atas perhatiannya.


    Safari Hendra W

  6. Dear sir,
    I’m WIBOWO BUDI SANTOSO, I have sertificate ANTD,BST,SCRB,and all dokument (seaman book,paspor).my position a AB on ship passenger,tb and kargo ship.if need,please information for me at number
    phone : 081357424046 / E-mail :

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